[pmwiki-users] Fwd: Pmwiki cpu/memory usage on server for a non zero visitor installation

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Wed Dec 17 18:00:39 CST 2008

Hi everybody !

Thank you for your answers.
Nothing new for me at this time. Site still disabled, temporary moved on a
free French host (free.fr) where I have less visitors and less problem.
As I see I can run my installation there on a free hosting I doubt my site
was causing so much trouble on a pro hosting. It is true it may happen. I
just would have loved more explanations and eloquent proofs.

Because lunarpages disabled my site without giving me time and advices to do
investigations, I can't test if some cookbook is faulty, although I don't
think so (thumblist, curentvisitors, showhide, handytoc, dictindex, extended
markup, tracetrail, actionlog, and some other). Yes I like to be warmly
dressed for winter :)
Pagelists I use are also pretty basic ones. I'm sure will do better when
more skilled :)
(:if group Argot:)
(:pagelist group=Argot name=-Group*,-Maquette*,-Biblio*
fmt=#simplenamespaced:) (:if:)

(:pagelist trail=Argot.BibliographieDesDictionnaires $:EnLigne=-
order=$:Auteur fmt=#tel:)

(:pagelist Group=Argot link=Category.PasChezNoll fmt=#title:)

It is also possible my site has been too much crawled by robots. True,
indeed. Next time, I will use a robots txt to try preventing an overusage if
Log file is a bit too complicated for me and I only get the curent day
(didn't see the past days logs). I don't see too much .ru .cn nor twiceler.
Only a few of them.
I agree the log may be strongly studied if it was said there is a problem
with coming visitors causing some trouble.

«But PmWiki, punbb, and the
rest should be able to accommodate up to 50 users on line at a time
without causing too much problem.»
That is the reason why I was astonished being disabled :)

I know, some times, pmwiki may be long when printing the page. It has been
discussed some times but I'm not sure it is the related to my trouble (usage
I have to say I didn't notice abnormal long time processing. For speeding
the process, one should test, I guess, Petko's sqlite recipe or Eemli's
FastCache. May worth a look.

Thank you all for your help.
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