[pmwiki-users] Advanced Search Form with Fox

noskule noskule at gmx.net
Thu Dec 4 11:12:27 CST 2008

hi list, hans

I'm working on a advanced search form. 

It works with fox, A user can set some form fileds. By form submission the form 
adds the field values as post vars to the url. Post vars gets transformed to 
page variables. Then a pagelist set by pagevariables displays the results.

The troulbe is, that it is possible to check more than one pagetype but only 
the last one gets acctually submitted. Example if i check "Blog" and 
"Comments" only Comments apears in the url:
instead of:

Does anyone see the problem?
Thanks for any hints

(:fox pagelistconfig 

{(setq pagetype_form (if (test equal "{$?pagetype_form}" "") "Article" 
"{$?pagetype_form}" ))}
(:input default pagetype_form {$pagetype_form}:)
||Article ||(:input checkbox pagetype_form Article:) ||
||Blog ||(:input checkbox pagetype_form Blog:) ||
||Issue ||(:input checkbox pagetype_form Issue:) ||
||Comment ||(:input checkbox pagetype_form Comment:) ||

{(setq name (if (test equal "{$?name}" "") "*" "{$?name}" ))}
Name: (:input text name {$name}:)

{(setq pagetypeview (if (test equal "{$?pagetypeview}" "") "standardview" 
"{$?pagetypeview}" ))}
View Type: (:input default pagetypeview {$pagetypeview}:)
(:input select pagetypeview standardview:)
(:input select pagetypeview tableview:)
(:input select pagetypeview listview:)

(:input submit post:)
(:foxend pagelistconfig:)

(:pagelist group={*$Group} name={$name} $:pagetype={$pagetype_form} 

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