[pmwiki-users] Upload denied errors

Pico pmwiki at ben-amotz.com
Thu Jun 8 07:09:51 CDT 2006

Just passing along this PmWiki/Questions entry to the list for someone to
address (on that page, if you would, otherwise discuss here and I'll try to
paste in the final answer)

- - - -

Warning: move_uploaded_file(uploads/IdeaBoard/charslist.jpg): 
failed to open stream: 
Permission denied in 
/home/bbbw/public_html/scripts/upload.php on line 198

Warning: move_uploaded_file(): 
Unable to move '/tmp/php4GefOm' to
'uploads/IdeaBoard/charslist.jpg' in 
/home/bbbw/public_html/scripts/upload.php on line 198

PmWiki can't process your request ?cannot move uploaded file to

We are sorry for any inconvenience.

My host- i4host.net recently upgraded php to 4.4.2 from 4.4.1. 
I searched mail archive, it's said that "Safe Mode" was turned on 
while you crashed such a problem.

Does anyone have some ideas on solving this? Thanks a lot! 

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