[pmwiki-users] CustomMarkup without <p>

Christian Schlatter ch at schlatter.net
Tue May 31 11:00:23 CDT 2005

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> Actually, it'll be easier if you could tell us what your (:gallery:)
> Markup looks like, then I can tell you how to fix it.  :-)

OK, the Markup code looks like this:

Markup("gallery", "directive", "/\(:gallery:\)/e", Keep(cs_gallery())");

The function cs_gallery() uses the embed class of menalto gallery and 
returns the gallery body content. When I write (:gallery:) into a 
wikipage, the produced HTML looks something like:

<div id="content">
     <div id='wikitext'>
       <!-- G2 embeded -->
         <div id="gallery">
           <div id="gsSystemLinks">
       <!--/ G2 embeded -->
       <p class='vspace'></p>

Thanks for any help,

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