[pmwiki-users] alt vs. title

Patrick Ogay lists at basel-inside.ch
Sun May 29 12:22:31 CDT 2005

I was looking for a link alt text:
is [link|linktext||alttext] still in discussion?
I was also trying  link"alttext"

What Marc says for firefox is also for Moziilla 1.7.2 
-> attach:bla.gigf"alttext"  alt text is generated but shows no 
reaction. (pmwiki2beta26)

IMHO a working crossbrowser "alt text feature" for links and pics would 
be a nice improvement.

Patrick Ogay

malexism wrote:

> Hello,
> just a little thing :
> Attach:image.gif"My Image" render alt="My Image".
> Firefox didn't display a popup with alt tag in <img src...>. It needs 
> the title="..." tag. Ie did.
> Is it possible to duplicate alt tag in title tag ?
> The same for href. Isn't a title in href usefull ?
> marc

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