[pmwiki-users] RE: Fixed: Error in cookbook rename function

Dirk Blaas d.blaas at hccnet.nl
Thu May 26 17:10:50 CDT 2005

Hi, John (and other PmWiki Users from the list)

Wow, talk about a quick respons and a quick solution!
Thanks very,very much for that. It works perfect now. I was afraid it had
something to do with my configuration of PmWiki, but obviously that wasn't
the case.
To avoid the problem of incompatibility with next beta's of PmWiki, i would
vote for the rename function to be promoted to the core functionality. I
think it offers very basic functionality. I for one have had a number of
occasions where i have been forced to put pages in other groups manually. I
am glad i have a working rename function now.
John, thanks again!

Greatings, Dirk Blaas

-----Oorspronkelijk bericht-----
Van: John Rankin [mailto:john.rankin at affinity.co.nz]
Verzonden: donderdag 26 mei 2005 23:31
Aan: Dirk Blaas
CC: PmWiki Users
Onderwerp: Fixed: Error in cookbook rename function

On Thursday, 26 May 2005 11:06 AM, Dirk Blaas <d.blaas at hccnet.nl> wrote:
>Hi John,
>I have included the rename function with the renamehelper functions in my
>PmWiki site. First problem i encountered was that the renamehelper file
>seems to miss one function out of extendmarkup, namely FLRef(), that is
>called in line 15 of renamehelper. After i have put the FLRef() function in
>the next problem is that in the list of unqualified links all the pages of
>my site (and that i am permitted to read with my given password) are
>appearing, in stead of just the unqualified ones.
>Any idea what might be wrong ?
Both problems are now fixed. One was an error on my part in omitting the
FLRef function from the helper. The other arose from the pmwiki pagelist
changes introduced in beta 35.

action=rename should again correctly give you the option of adding a
group qualifier to any unqualified page references when renaming a page.

The new version also adds action=links, to list all the links on a page,
along with a (:linkslist pagename:) directive. This complements the
action=backlinks service in the SearchExtensions, which lists all the
links *to* a page. For example, one might put

   (:linkslist HomePage:)

in a Group.SideBar. This will create an alphabetic list of all the links
on the HomePage of the group.

And (:includeg Group.PageName:) should continue to qualify any unqualified
links when including a page from another group.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems.
John Rankin

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