[pmwiki-users] Apostrophe problem

John W Morris johnwmorris at peak.org
Wed May 25 13:42:39 CDT 2005

My site uses the apostrophe in names.  Such as E'vnsong  and F'jarr Foss.

Site is not public but is at http://www.evnsong.com/storywiki/pmwiki.php?n=BookGroup.IntroToStories

It seems to be fine inside the page content but not in page headers or as signatures on edit pages.

On the signature line it translates "F'jarr Foss" into "Famp039arr Foss"
On title page header lines it disappears. I use the (:title :) markup to get the title I want.

I can live with the title page thing, but... will this apostrophe use muck up anything in search or anywhere else if I continue to use the apostrophe.

I am running 2-beta 26  mostly because I get errors on loading beta version 30 and figure I will wait for a full V2 release and attack it then.

Still am getting only one of eight Fields and not the Farm either to generate notices of page changes.
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