[pmwiki-users] Re: Using relative links and images in url markup

Radu radu at monicsoft.net
Sun May 22 09:34:08 CDT 2005

Good point. Something bothered me in talk about [[/something.jpg]] as a 
relative link, but didn't have time to answer. Dominique is right on the 
problem, but I doubt the solution is the right one :) Since (if using clean 
URLs), authors see stuff like http://path.to/pmwiki/Group/Page, and 
[[./something.jpg]] would seem to be relative to a directory called Page 
under Group, under the pmwiki directory.

So IMHO, using the IMap is still the best way to go.

At 07:48 AM 5/22/2005, Dominique Faure wrote:

>IMHO, [[/something.jpg]] is not so intuitive since having a path beginning 
>with a slash is the (only) way to specify absolute path (even for urls) --
>in this case we'd better talk about "local absolute links".
>If you decide to make PmWiki handle such links, I would enjoy also *real* 
>relative links aka.: [[./something.jpg]] where the reference directory 
>(./) is the one containing pmwiki.php.


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