[pmwiki-users] WikiCalendar config

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Mon May 16 23:42:03 CDT 2005

On Tuesday, 17 May 2005 12:22 PM, malexism <malexism at free.fr> wrote:
>John Rankin a écrit :
>> Try downloading and installing the new wikilog.php script.
>Ok. It works. Thank you.
>But i'm now with another problem. I have only one month by page. And 
>automatic links to the previous and the next month. At the first clic 
>(month before and after), new links are right, but at the second clic, i 
>have three links (for March 2005, eg. "« February 2005 · April 2005 · 
>May 2005 »).
>Quid ?

This is a feature. It always gives you a link to the currrent month.
So, if you click on the February 2005 link, the links change to:
"« January 2005 · March 2005 · May 2005 »"

Similarly, if you click forwards in time, for August you would see:
"« May 2005 · July 2005 · September 2005 »

That way, you can always get back to 'now' with a single click.

John Rankin

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