[pmwiki-users] Re: SourceForge.net Read-Only Policy - PmWiki-Incompatible?

H. Fox haganfox at gmail.com
Fri May 13 20:40:59 CDT 2005

To be a bit more descriptive...

Soon the directories on the SF.net servers will be mounted read-only
and chmod (2)777 on the wiki's directory or ./wiki.d will have no
effect.  The web servers will not be able to write to any directory
that may be served directly (i.e. any subdirectory of the web document

Starting on the 23rd the wiki needs to write the its files in
/tmp/persistent/[some directory].  For this reason, I need for PmWiki
to store pages in /tmp/persistent/qdig/qdig-files/wiki.d/ instead of

Pm gave me some instructions back in March, but I waited until about a
week ago to try them and it doesn't work (a rare occurrence, I know). 
Now I'm worried that for some reason PmWiki won't run on the read-only
SF.net servers.  If so, I have some scrambling to do.

Pm appears to have been away lately, so I'm hoping someone else on the
list has sufficient understanding of PmWiki to know how to use the
alternate location for pages.

I did some testing and the server can write to and read from the
/tmp/persistent/[...] location.

Even running PmWiki read-only (by developing pages elsewhere and
copying them to wikilib.d) would work fine because I use PmWiki as a
"lightweight CMS" on that site.


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