[pmwiki-users] WikiCalendar config

malexism (f) malexism at free.fr
Thu May 12 06:00:12 CDT 2005

John Rankin a écrit :
> PmWiki now looks first
> for Group.Group then Group.HomePage, so I think I could probably tidy
> this bit of code.


>>Is there a way to use (:wikilogbox:) for every dates (not only
>>for today)
> An excellent question. We could add [yyyy]-[mm]-[dd] fields to
> the form. If blank, use today's date; if supplied, post to the
> supplied date. That should be fairly easy to add. I'll have a 
> look. And the value could default to today's date.

I asked this, for example, when you clic on an empty date, on the 
calendar table. I think this table is the best way to not write a date 
(dd - mmm - yyyy...)

Thank you.

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