[pmwiki-users] IE6 shows stretched sidebar in GeminiTwo on pmwiki.org

Hans design at flutesong.net
Mon May 9 11:53:02 CDT 2005

Saturday, May 7, 2005, 7:37:56 AM, Hans wrote:
> It works fine on my own site, and I wonder if anyone else
> is having this problem showing with IE6?

well i was wrong. The problem also showed on my site, and i analyzed
it and found it to be a bug in the css styling of the sidebar. It only
showed when the wiki pages got rather long.
It is an interesting one worth pointing out to other skin designers:

css designers are aware of various problems with IE to pick up
styling. i used what is known as the "Holly hack" to make IE accept
dimensioning to the list elements in the sidebar, by giving them 1%
height. Usually they are larger and the 1% is ignored by IE, but
dimensioning applied, and all is well.

But if the wiki page got rather long 1% got significant and the
sidebar list elements started to stretch vertically longer.
(IE interprets height:1% as 1% minimum height).
So I changed the Holly hack from height:1% to height:0.01%.
This should do the trick, unless the content gets really very very
long indeed.

I updated the gemini distribution accordingly.


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