[pmwiki-users] Problem activating the Authorcontribution recipe.

Ilan Benudiz ilanbe at myrealbox.com
Sun May 8 01:43:49 CDT 2005

I rather new with pmwiki, so if this is not the place for a newbie question please let me know.

I trying to show all pages a specific author contributes to, and I following the Authorcontribution
I added
    if (PageExists($AuthorPage))
      $RecentChangesFmt['Contributions.$Author'] =
        '* [[$Group.$Name]]  . . . $CurrentTime - \'\' [=$ChangeSummary=] \'\' ';
 to  local/config.php

I have at least one author with Profiles.myname page..
I was expecting :
File Contribution.myname to be created.
To see the author contributions when  accessing the  Profiles.myname page.

And none of these has happened.

Are my expectation correct, do I need to do anything else?

All the best


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