[pmwiki-users] WikiCalendar date markup

Jason Counsel jason_counsel at yahoo.ca
Sat May 7 21:31:14 CDT 2005

Hey Nate,
> That's definitely closer to what I want, yes. Compare mine:
> http://www.addington.org.nz/Calendar/20050514
> I can't figure out why I'm not getting the long date form in the page
> title.
> Then, I also want links from pages outside the calendar, eg:
> [[Calendar/20050514]]
> to show as the long form too, without me having to manually for each
> one
> enter something like:
> [[Calendar/20050514|2005-05-14]]
> which is what I have to do now.

I'm not quite equipped to make any changes to the script itself, but
here's a couple of suggestions:

1. Try setting these before your include wikilog in your config.php

That should get the dates displaying the way you want them - I just
changed mine to this just to make sure.

2. Check out this page:
That's where I use the (:wikilog Calendar:) markup to show a list of
the latest entries on a page outside the Calendar group.  It makes life
easier for me not to have to create the individual links, and they
display in the format you want :)

Sorry I can't be of more help.

Jason C.

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