[pmwiki-users] WikiCalendar date markup

Nate Cull nate at natecull.org
Fri May 6 05:22:55 CDT 2005

I'm using the WikiCalendar recipe with beta36, and it's working fine,
but I'm a little confused as to how the date markup is supposed to work.

Currently, clicking on a calendar date creates a page as an eight digit
code, ie, Calendar/yyyymmdd. 

When you view a calendar page, the title shows as the date short form,
eg, yyyy-mm-dd.

Any occurrences of a date short form (*not* an eight digit code as used
in a link) get changed to a date long form, ie, dd Monthname, yyyy. 

But it doesn't do this in the title of a calendar page, the only place
where a short-form date is automatically generated. In other words, the
date long form never gets displayed in any pages generated normally
during the use of WikiCalendar. The only way to get a date long form
displayed seems to be to manually enter a short form date (yyyy-mm-dd)
into the text of a page, like so:


and then the markup picks up on the dashes and displays that short-form
date as a long-form date.

This seems to kind of defeat the whole purpose of the date long form
markup. I don't get what it's there for if I have to manually retitle
the links to each date I enter anyway. 

What I want is: whenever I make a reference to a date (link to a page
[[Calendar/yyyymmdd]]) I would like that link displayed as a
human-readable date rather than the cryptic eight digit number. Is it
possible to do this with WikiCalendar as designed, or do I need to write
my own custom date-reference markup on top of what WikiCalendar

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