[pmwiki-users] Getting "Attach:image.jpg" as link text?

chr at home.se chr at home.se
Fri May 6 05:08:56 CDT 2005

Out of curiousity, how can I make the link text appear as 


when there is such an uploaded file? As background, this question came up 
on a wiki page where a user had uploaded an example and written:

	* Presentation by ...
	** Attach:presentation.lyx
	** Attach:presentation.pdf
	** Attach:bg-image.jpg

In this case 'Attach:bg-image.jpg' was rendered as an image of course.. I 

	[[Attach:bg-image.jpg -> Attach:bg-image.jpg]]

but this also results in an image... It does make sense that the latter
render as an image, but do I go about making the link text consistent with
the previous lines? (Without changing the previous lines of course).

Here's  an example where I played with Attach:


PS. Notice the first issue that [[Attach:file -> Attach:file]] results in
*two* upload icons when 'file' doesn't exist... is that the way it should

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