[pmwiki-users] New versions of skins and recipes

Hans design at flutesong.net
Thu May 5 10:15:43 CDT 2005

Thursday, May 5, 2005, 3:47:42 PM, Radu wrote:
> That's quite a subject. From what I've seen, people maintaining mods (skins
> or [other] recipes), just update them for the latest version, or the
> version they're using, and that leaves people with older (or newer) 
> versions of pmwiki wondering why the mod doesn't work.

> Adding notes about which versions of pmwiki, php and whatever other 
> gimmicks used in the recipe is only half the battle. Maybe we should
> archive previous versions, just as Pm does for the distributions (using the
> pmwiki version code in the archive file name).

Maybe you are right. I shied away from uploading each skin version
separately to pmwiki.org since I did not wish to fill up the upload
directory with outdated versions, and there are quite a few. I do keep
them though on my own site, so anyone digging there will find them,
but I have not created an archive page yet.

I was particularly musing over this today, since I know that the
latest updates of gemini and fixflow will not show right if you don't
force a browser reload (Ctrl-F5). I  was wondering if I shoul;d just
package the skins as gemini7.zip, gemini8.zip etc, and have them
installed into different directories. That leaves the admin with a bit
more work, since the config.php file needs to be updated as well. but
it may give cleaner results. What do you think? and i am not sure if
this would work for Pm, since he maintains the skins on a page basis.


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