[pmwiki-users] New versions of GeminiTwo and Fixflow skins

Hans design at flutesong.net
Thu May 5 08:46:56 CDT 2005

I uploaded major new updated versions of GeminiTwo and FixFlow skins.
Please Pm could you reinstall both skins totally (not on top of old
files, but replacing all previous files).

This is a major upgrade and requires some reconfigurations. Brief summery:

    * Added inclusion of PmwikiAdmin.PageHeader? for configuration of logo
    or wiki title text. This replaces the logo inclusion via config.php
    and skin-template markup.
    * The other configuration pages (PageTopMenu, PageFootMenu, `Pagefooter)
    can be placed also in the new PmWikiAdmin group.
    * Added nine more colour schemes, some with textured backgrounds.
    * Some parts of the template, skin.php and css code redesigned.
    * Sidebar redesign with better line support.
    * Sidebar searchbox can be disabled, or added at different locations.
    * Group name in titlebar can be disabled.
    * skin.php rewritten for easier setting of options, and more commentaries
    * Many files renamed and image folder added. - It is best to update to this
    version by deleting previous files, or renaming previous skin directory first. 


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