[pmwiki-users] data from wiki page rather than file

Joachim Durchholz jo at durchholz.org
Thu May 5 06:22:36 CDT 2005

Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> Caching is a slightly different issue -- generally someone needs a place
> to store cache files.  I'm thinking it might be worthwhile for us to
> designate a standard directory where scripts can store cached files
> of various types.  I'm thinking it should be either cache.d/ or
> wiki.d/cache.d/ , with the latter being slightly more preferable
> because an admin then only has to protect one directory (wiki.d/) 
> and not two.  Any thoughts from others about a cache directory...?

One additional thought in favor of wiki.d/cache.d: Installation is 
easier because there's only a single directory to create with the right 
permission bits. (Of course that's just the "needs to protect just a 
single directory" argument in a different guise.)

And yet another thought: This keeps all the data that may change 
dynamically in one directory. That's better for backup scripts and such.

On a different vein, we could have
1) one directory that takes up all the data that may be changed by the 
PHP scripts, and that
2) houses each category of data in a different subdirectory, with one 
directory for wiki pages, one for uploads, one for caching (which in 
turn could be subdivided into HTML cache, thumbnail images cache, and 
whatnot - or, maybe better, a separate cache per recipe that needs a cache).
That would be an incompatible change though, and I'm not sure that we 
should do it unless a concrete advantage materialises from it.


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