[pmwiki-users] data from wiki page rather than file

Carl Boe boe at demog.berkeley.edu
Wed May 4 19:55:01 CDT 2005

I am interested in hints for how I might modify the BibtexRef cookbook recipe. 
My problem is that the current recipe calls for markup that refers to a static 
bibfile.bib, e.g. {[bibfile.bib,reference]}. This is not very wiki-like; 
modifications cannot be done to add or edit the BibTeX source without having 
access to the file system or uploading a file.  Is there a way to modify the 
routines ParseBib and ParseBibFile in bibtexref2b.php to obtain information from 
a page instead of parsing a file?

In general, is there an accepted way to have markup for a page depend upon and 
manipulate raw content in another page, not just include it?  Could this be done 
with knowledge of modification times, so that a cached page does not have to 
regenerate if its dependencies are older than its last modification date?



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