[Pmwiki-users] Case Insensitive URLs

Eric Celeste efc
Fri Apr 2 15:50:52 CST 2004

Has there already been a discussion of case insensitive URLs in the PmWiki
community? I think it would be easier for my users to remember a URL like
"http://wiki.foo.org/staff/homepage" than having to remember whether it is
"Staff/Homepage" or "Staff/HomePage". Internally the sensitivity to
wikiwords would not have to change (in other words, PmWiki could still link
"HomePage" and not "homepage") but case varients of wikiwords
("ITCouncilPage" and "ITcouncilPage") would all resolve to the same page.

This would probably be a deeper intervention in the workings of PmWiki than
some, since it would probably mean changing the case of files and
directories in the filesystem (likely to all lower for normalization), so it
would have to be done with some care and possibly with no return path once
the choice had been made. But I would love to have the option of a
case-insensitive wiki.

Once done it would be pretty easy to have the engine return the same page
for requests like...


Much simpler for most users.


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