[Pmwiki-users] Expiring page revisions.

Richard Canning elindal
Tue Sep 30 19:14:12 CDT 2003

Sometimes after doing a lot of editing on a page and getting it to the point I am happy with I want to expire all of the page revisions and clear the history.

Considering I have almost no PHP skills, I can think of two ways of doing this.

The first is to set the $KeepPageDiff to 1 for that page (creating a new PHP file to do it) and let it expire.

The second is to copy the source for the page, delete the page from the wiki.d directory, and then create a new one with the completed source.

Is there any way to add an action that would automatically do this?

eg ?action=expirediff

Which would expire all of the page revisions, keeping the file sizes smaller.

Just wondering how hard this would be.

Richard Canning
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