[Pmwiki-users] Wiki Trails Modification....

geoff hopkins geodixiesimba
Thu Sep 25 19:44:06 CDT 2003

--- Pedro Miller Rabinovitch <miller at domain.com.br>
> At 08:36 PM 9/24/2003 -0700, you wrote:
> >Basically what i wanted as a WikiTrail was
> something
> >that would be dynamic depending on where the person
> >has been throughout the wiki pages....
> The exact reference now evades me, but as I was
> researching and comparing 
> Wiki's available (before landing and staying on
> PmWiki) I remember a couple 
> of them had a VisitHistory link of some sort that
> would show the user which 
> pages he had gone through in his visit, certainly
> from cookie information.
> I think it's a valid idea. I'd like it even more if
> instead of a list of 
> pages, one got a tree or graph of visited items...
> >: )

Yeah.. that is more of what i am thinking.. something
that resembles a trail.. maybe like the last 3 stops
you went.. ie

HomePage << ProductPage << CurrentPage

Something discrete and put either at the top or the
bottom for helpful navigation purposes.. the advantage
to this is that with wiki, people can end up on
different pages by simple clicking a wiki word.. So a
"Navigation Trail" that is predestined is kinda uselss
IMHO.. so i like the idea of a visit history, but in
the trail style markup...

HMM.. where do we start?


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