[Pmwiki-users] Wiki Trails Modification....

geoff hopkins geodixiesimba
Wed Sep 24 21:36:50 CDT 2003

I have recently been wanting to add a WikiTrails type
implementation to some of my websites.  Although, i
didn't know how PmWiki actually did it.  After seeing
how it was done, i decided it really wasn't what i was
looking for.  

Basically what i wanted as a WikiTrail was something
that would be dynamic depending on where the person
has been throughout the wiki pages....

IE.. the <<Back | PresentPage | (Blank, or where they
would go it they pressed the Forward Button on their
browser >>

That way, people will know where the came from, and
not necesarilly what is "next" as specified by the
site owner.. Seems like this would be more
applicable.. In a large wiki environment, it is easy
to get lost.. ie not get back to the page you were a
few pages back.  I try and add manually back buttons,
but sometimes people get to pages without going
through the page that i reference them back to.. seems
like a dynamic trail based on their click history
would be the ideal wiki trail, and help them keep
track of where they have been.. Any ideas on this?


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