[Pmwiki-users] Re: Problem with SimplePageCache script.

Richard Canning elindal
Mon Sep 22 20:39:01 CDT 2003

Thanks for the responce, and this would be a great feature to have in pmwiki.

My PHP is not up to understanding more than the very basics of this script. However, I have tried resetting (and even turning off) the browser cache, and it makes no difference.

I even went as far as loading an edited page in a different browser, and it still got the old version of the page.

I did notice something new however. The first time I edit a page, it works fine, but if I go in and re-edit it, then the update fails. So; original page A, edited to page B, browser gets B. Edit again to C, browser gets B. Edit to D, browser gets B, etc.

Richard Canning

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I haven't looked at the script until just now, but it seems
to me like the timestamp portion of the script is working a bit harder
than it needs to--I'm not sure what the opendir()/readdir() sequences
are supposed to accomplish.

The problem may have to do with browser caching--since the script isn't
reproducing the header() calls that PmWiki normally generates to
prevent pages from being stored in a browser cache, your browser may
be caching the old non-edited version of the document even though the
wiki cache is being updated on disk.

However, Reimer's script looks pretty straightforward and useful, so I may
update it a bit to add some robustness and then add it to the PmWiki 
distribution so that someone can enable caching of generated pages by 
simply placing $EnableCache=1 in local.php or something like that.


On Tue, Sep 23, 2003 at 11:19:49AM +1000, Richard Canning wrote:
>    When  I read about SimplePageCache it looked like the pmwiki script of
>    my  dreams.  I have a series of pages that I load a lot, and they have
>    complicated  markup and takes about 6 seconds to generate. I only edit
>    it about once a day, so this looked to be a great solution.
>    I downloaded and installed the script, and my pages sped up a lot.
>    Then  when  I  went  to  edit them, the change was not reflected, so I
>    could not edit the pages.
>    If  I load the pages with '/wiki/wiki.php/Main/Homepage?action=browse'
>    I  see  the  version before the edit(s). If I use '?action=resetcache'
>    then  I  see the current version, but then if I take it back to browse
>    (either  with  or  without  the  action)it  goes  back to the original
>    version.
>    Only  browse  is  effected  by  this; edit, diff, source, etc all work
>    fine.
>    The  only  way  I  have to make the updates visible is to log into the
>    wiki and manually delete the cache file from /wiki.cache
>    Has anyone seen this before with this script, and have any ideas?
>    Server:
>    PHP Version 4.1.2
>    Server API: Apache/1.3.26
>    Thanks
>    Richard Canning
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