[Pmwiki-users] Page contents mysteriously disappear

Marlin Ouverson marlin
Wed Sep 17 16:57:13 CDT 2003

Like Hanxue, I just had a page's contents disappear, leaving only:
"Describe PageName here."

The page-revisions report is entirely empty for that page, as well.

I checked the file directly with a text editor; it has contents -- 64 
lines, in fact -- but they are the partial contents of another file in 
an unrelated directory -- not even a wiki subdirectory. Because of 
this, I am inclined to suspect a problem with my OS; but because the 
symptoms were similar, I thought it wise to report this. (Insight 
welcome, of course!)

Apache 1.3
Mac OS X 10.2.6


> This is really a bizarre problem--I'm not sure what the cause might
> be.  My first suspicion is that it might be that the browser is caching
> older versions of the pages and displaying them--did you try reloading
> the page (e.g., shift+reload in IE) whenever you got a "blank" page?
> The fact that the file exists in wiki.d with the correct content leads
> me to believe that something else is going on.  I think the fact that
> it was a line containing <?php phpinfo(); ?> is a coincidence.  PmWiki
> doesn't interpret php code that might appear in the files in wiki.d--
> they're just data files.
> Try reloading the page in the browser, or clearing the browser cache
> and loading the page and see if that resolves the problem.
> Pm
> On Sun, Sep 07, 2003 at 06:52:46PM +1000, Lee Hanxue wrote:
> > Hi there, >>I am using PMWiki 0.5.20, running on PHP 4.3.3 + Apache 
> 2.0.43 + Windows >2000 SP3. >>Everything was running fine until I 
> tried adding the line >><?php phpinfo(); ?> >>into my startup page. 
> >>After editing, the whole page became blank. Blank as in the content 
> has >only this: >>Describe HanxuesHomepage here. >>By the way, 
> HanxuesHomepage is my start up page. >>I check the relevant file in 
> the wiki.d directory, and found out that >the contennts are all there, 
> including the line with the PHP code. I >deleted that out and 
> everything was fine. >>>After some time (new browser session), I went 
> to the homepage to make >sme additions. After clicking save, again the 
> same problem occurs: blank >page. >>Again, I checked the file, but all 
> the data is there, and the offending >php code is long gone. >>What 
> might be the problem that is causing the homepage not to display 
> >correctly? >>>Thank you very much in advance. >>>Yours truly, >Hanxue 
> >

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