[Pmwiki-users] WikiCalendar & Publish

John Rankin john.rankin
Sun Sep 7 15:34:36 CDT 2003

That ought to be possible.

The home page of the calendar group lists all pages with entries in the
current period, including their first paragraph of text. So what we
need to do is take that list and feed it to the Publish script.

It may even be slightly simpler than the current Publish, because it
only has to deal with pages that already exist. I'll think about it
some more and take a look at the code.

In principle, Publish can publish any list: a trail page, a search 
results page or a calendar page.
John Rankin

On Friday, 5 September 2003 8:50 PM, Eric Charikane <charikane at ecrin.asso.fr> wrote:
Is there a way to use WikiCalendar with Publish so that we can make an 
"ebook" with all the entries of the calendar ?

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