[Pmwiki-users] Group/page descriptions

Pedro Miller Rabinovitch miller
Thu Sep 4 08:28:08 CDT 2003


Please do. I'd like to be able to use that for chapter headings and page 

I'm also interested in seeing how you did the processing. I'm implementing a 
PageList feature to collect lists of users/items in a group, and although I 
managed to (kind of) sucessfully implement it as an action (i.e., 
?action=list), basing my code on search.php, what I'd really like to do is 
implement it as a $DoubleBrackets replacement. However, I had trouble doing 
that since the DoubleBrackets only determine search/replace patterns, and 
don't provide me the option of calling a HandlePageList() function.



On Sunday 17 August 2003 23:06, John Rankin wrote:
> We took a slightly different approach to a similar problem. We added the
> markup:
>   [[para:SomeGroup.PageName#anchor]]
> I'd be happy to add this script to the cookbook, if anyone thinks it would
> be useful.

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