[Pmwiki-users] Webmenu and quicklinks

Eric Charikane charikane
Thu Sep 4 07:48:42 CDT 2003


I'm new to this list and to PmWiki too. I just install PmWiki on my 
ibook running macos 10.2.6 and it runs like a charm.

Patrick your program is a beautiful job and it gave me a lot of fun 
playing with it. It's simple and very fast. Thanks a lot. Also, thanks 
to those of you who made add-ons.

If you tell me how I can contribute to the french translation.

Here is my question : I'm using WebMenu and I can't get quicklings 
links running. With WebMenu enable I got on top of the PmWiki/PmWiki 
[[include:PmWiki.QuickLinks]] and the text above but no box with 
quicklinks. If unable WebMenu the quicklings is shown ! what am i 
mising ?



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