[Pmwiki-users] Site Statistics & PmWiki

geoff hopkins geodixiesimba
Tue Sep 2 12:49:12 CDT 2003

Have some questions on PmWiki, and how it relates to
site statistics.  I have a few sites that are still on
an older version of Pmwiki.  Was thinking about
changing them over.  When i noticed one day that the
current sites i have that are on the updated versions
do not have accurate hit statistics.  since pmwiki.php
is the URL, and it uses ?pagename=foo.bar for the
specific wiki page to show, The Statistic companies
only show hits for PmWiki.php,and not the individual
pages that were visited.  This is a hassle, when
trying to use targeted marketing, and other techniques
to increase pageviews of particular pages.  how can
you know they are working if the STATS only show
pmwiki.php as the hit URL???

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