[Pmwiki-users] Intermap for ISBN

Edward Andrews edward
Sat Oct 25 06:18:36 CDT 2003

amazon.co.uk works fine still.  This may not be useful for people outside
the UK though!


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> Does anyone have a good intermap entry for ISBN?  The Amazon one
> doesn't seem
> to work anymore.  When I actually tried searching on ISBN on
> Amazon, that
> doesn't seem to work anymore either.
> Barnes and Noble does work, but they have some kind of
> strangeness in how they
> are determining the URL that I don't think will work generally.
> When I did a
> search on an ISBN of a textbook it ended up having the word
> "textbook" in the
> URL.  I tried parsing the source for the search page, but that
> wasn't useful.
> The intermap on the main PmWiki site has not been updated.  I'm
> not sure if
> this is a new problem (Amazon just changed their searches to
> allow full text
> searches of books) or if it has existed for some time.
> Thanks.
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