[Pmwiki-users] Author identification

Russell Cook rcook
Sun Jul 27 13:28:05 CDT 2003

I'm fairly new to PMWiki, and first wanted to thank Patrick for his
excellent tool.

My current greatest need from PMWiki is author identification for edits.

I starting hacking a bit to see how involved it was going to be.  I set up
$USERNAME to be an externally read in value (local.php driven), and reworked
the HandlePost and HandleDiff routines to use this new variable.  I probably
got about 60% into it, and realized I was breaking more than I was fixing in
the parsing routines.  :)  I also realized it was going to be nearly
impossible to update with Patrick's oft releases.

Even if it were just an IP address, or the $USERNAME idea (who's actual
implementation is outside of PMWiki's realm) ... something to identify the
user involved would be a great benefit to the project I have in mind for

Thanks for your time,
Russell Cook
rcook at rcook.net

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