[Pmwiki-users] PmWiki on Boa

Carlo Strozzi carlos
Sun Jul 27 08:18:11 CDT 2003

I am a new user of PmWiki, and let me start by thanking Patrick Michaud
for his lovely bit of software. Plaiyng with the program, I have
stumbled into the fact that it is somewhat tailored to the Apache web
server. That does make sense, but if one wants to use it with other
server types there may be things that need some reworking. I have
succesfully managed to get PmWiki to work with the Boa lightweight web
server (http://www.boa.org) on linux, but I had to patch things a bit.
Namely, embedded '?' characters in the HTTP "Location:" header get
translated by Boa into '%3F', thus causing the client browser not to be
redirected. To overcome this, I have changed PmWiki to use client-side
redirection. Please consider that I know nothink of PHP, but having
programmed in several other languages it was rather easy to make the
changes, although they will certainly look inelegant to real PHP
programmers. Attached are the modified pmwiki.php and upload.php, but
I do not necessarily expect that you accept my changes in the actual
product. However, if you do, or better if you take my example code and
make it better, then PmWiki will run flawlessly also on Boa :-)

Another thing is that Boa knows nothing about BasicAuth. Fortunately
I found that PmWiki already contains code for using SessionAuth instead,
although it had not been activated. I would humbly suggest you make it
a local.php configuration variable, like all others.

For best reading please set the Courier font.
Freedom for Business: http://swpat.ffii.org
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