OT: Re: [Pmwiki-users] discussion on line breaks

Ruediger Marwein ruediger.marwein
Thu Jul 17 12:30:32 CDT 2003

> I like the slash at the end of the line, but unfortunately PmWiki already
> uses the backslash at the end of the line to indicate that the newline
> should be ignored, and there might be some confusion there between the
> two characters.

I have certain problems with backslashes. Also at the end of the line. They 
dissapear save by save...

Ends up in 

You might say: quote them:
First save:
Second save:

I'm using php4.2.2 and php4.2.1

How is this caused? By preg_replace and the version of pcre ?

I had those problems recently by myself but in my case bits of string like 
"\\1" disappeared without a trace... this does not happen here...

I worked around it by replacing bashslashes with a defined string and convert 
it back after i've finished replacing...


Ich liebe es, wenn ein Plan funktioniert.
  Hannibal Smith

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