[Pmwiki-users] pmwiki-0.5.26 released

Patrick R. Michaud pmichaud
Mon Dec 29 19:11:45 CST 2003

I've just released pmwiki 0.5.26, which has a few minor fixes and changes
made to it.  Upgrading to this release from earlier 0.5.x releases should
not cause any major hassles for existing installations.  The principle 
changes from the previous release are:

* Improvements to the scripts/rss.php module to enable RSS/RDF feeds to
  better handle non-ASCII characters and HTML character entities in
  page descriptions.
* Addition of a ThisSite: InterMap link.
* Extensions to HandleCrypt() to provide better information for people
  setting up passwords in local.php.  The HandleCrypt functionality has
  also been moved to a separate scripts/crypt.php module instead of
  being part of pmwiki.php.
* Addition of a FAQ document
* Clicking "restore" in the page revision history brings up an edit
  form with the preview already enabled

A few people have asked me about missing release notifications on the 
pmwiki-users mailing list, since I haven't been announcing every minor 
release.  This is because we often end up with many small releases in 
rapid succession and I don't want to flood the mailing list with minor
release announcements.  However, to keep minor releases from going 
unnoticed, in the future I'll generally make a release announcement 
to the pmwiki-users list
  * releases with new major numbers
  * releases with important bugfixes or changes
  * releases where upgrading might cause hassles for existing installations
  * anytime more than a week passes between unannounced releases

Thanks to all for your continued support and contributions to PmWiki!


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