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Paul Williams paul
Tue Dec 23 00:40:28 CST 2003

--- "Patrick R. Michaud" 
 wrote:[ snip ]> > All of this would've be *much* easier if Apache and PHP would simply honor> the CGI 1.1 specification with respect to the PATH_INFO environment > variable...  (growl)  then we wouldn't have to deal with ?pagename= at> all.  Either that or someone needs to document the correct current CGI practice.> > Pm
I had submitted the following patch a few days ago to solve this problem (at least with my version of PHP -  4.2.3)

u35465333:/kunden/homepages/29/d89240386/htdocs/devel > diff stock pmwiki.php221,222c221,222 $EnablePathInfo = 1; #!preg_match("/^cgi/",php_sapi_name());> if ($pagename=='' & $EnablePathInfo) {223a224,226>   $pagename = str_replace( "/", ".", $pagename);> }> 
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