[Pmwiki-users] page revisions: alternative "merged" view?

Jonathan Scott Duff duff
Tue Dec 16 09:39:50 CST 2003

On Tue, Dec 16, 2003 at 02:13:08PM -0200, Fabio Reis Cecin wrote:
> My wiki's front page got "vandalized" today, and, as I went to 
> restore it, while it took me no more than 20 seconds to do so, I 
> was wondering: wouldn't it be useful to have a "restore page" view
> that shows the full state of the last few past pages instead of 
> "changed line X from: to:" ?
> I mean, I had to look around a bit to identify what was the last
> good version of the page (the guy apparently changed and saved
> the page several times). I have once accidentally restored a "bad"
> version of a page and saved, increasing the crappage on the 
> page's history.

Wouldn't the full contents of the page after each revision only serve to
obscure the changes? I mean, isn't that the important part: what
changed? And wouldn't you have to look around *more* to identify the
last good version? If nothing else there'd be more text for the human
eye to sift.

Now for me to propose my own wacky idea. What if there were a password
protected way to mark a page such that you could restore it back to the
state it was in at the time of the mark? Or view the revisions since the
mark or show all recent changes (to all pages) since the mark or other
such things.

> Also, if somebody else would see the crappage on the front page
> and would attempt to restore it, maybe the "diff" view wouldn't
> be too friendly. What you think?

Nah, the diff view isn't all that friendly but it's the best friend we
have so far :-)

Jonathan Scott Duff
duff at lighthouse.tamucc.edu

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