[Pmwiki-users] Re: Suggestion for new action=info

Benedikt Hochstrasser bhoc
Mon Dec 15 12:59:21 CST 2003

Christian wrote:

>How about adding an action for producing information about a page, like 
>	http://ev-en.org/wiki/moin.cgi/LyxWikis?action=info

Sounds good - maybe we could just expand the diff stuff a bit - show not only *what* has changed 
but also *who* changed it.

I guess privacy demands that we'd have to password-protect these entries (i.e. classify "diff" as
"edit") so that these informations can only be viewed by authorized people.
(This is not a lawyer approach <gasp!>, but legislation everywhere is tightening the screws)

(bhoc at tiscali.ch)

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