[Pmwiki-users] using "path_info" (for google-friendly indexing) irregardless of mod_php or cgi

Paul Williams paul
Fri Dec 12 16:45:44 CST 2003

Hello.  I've made the following change to allow pmwiki to use the PATH_INFO regardless of weather your php install is via CGI or mod_php.  This works for me on my hoster's site which doesn't use PHP as a module, but I cannot speak for folks who may be stuck with IIS as a server.
  ~ Paul

u35465333:/kunden/homepages/29/d89240386/htdocs/devel > diff stock pmwiki.php221,222c221,222 $EnablePathInfo = 1; #!preg_match("/^cgi/",php_sapi_name());> if ($pagename=='' & $EnablePathInfo) {223a224,226>   $pagename = str_replace( "/", ".", $pagename);> }> 
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