[Pmwiki-users] Password problem

Nisole Olivier nisole
Fri Dec 12 04:26:34 CST 2003


I tried your line and it does not work neither... A strange fact is that it 
seems your password looks similar to the ones we can generate on 
pmichaud.com _but_ the ones I generate on my server are quite differents : 

So where's the bug ? ;-)


At 11/12/03 23:31, you wrote:
>You can try this line (that allows you to read a page)
>         $DefaultPasswords['edit'] = '$1$RpS1qsds$DlmsjuPnUfI.1Jccj12Ow1';
>Oh... the password is.... 'password' (unless I made a typo :)
>I created it using my ?action=crypt, that I've used successfully before.
>Most likely you miss some character when you copy and paste... at least
>that's happened to me a few times.

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