[Pmwiki-users] Re: diff; was:(no subject)

Volker Huppert webmaster
Thu Dec 11 17:56:07 CST 2003

Dear Patrick,

"diff" IS at usr/bin. The server is running Linux.
How do I check, whether "safe_mode" is enabled? (Sorry, I'm a PHP and a
Linux newbie ...)


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> If you're running on a Linux or Unix system, then it generally means
> that your diff program is located somewhere other than /usr/bin/diff,
> or that your PHP configuration isn't allowing calls to external
> programs (e.g., if "safe_mode" is enabled).  You can explicitly set
> the location of the diff program by setting $SysDiffCmd in local.php
> ($SysDiffCmd defaults to /usr/bin/diff).
> Pm

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