[Pmwiki-users] Odd edit box behaviour

PmWiki@ThunderBunny.org PmWiki
Thu Dec 11 03:32:25 CST 2003

	Many thanks to the folks who left notes in my SandBox. (The light grey text came with CSSLayout and is only 

in the SandBox so I've bothered to change it.)

	It appears that this is an Internet Explorer problem.  Other's reported the Opera and Firebird were fine.  I 

downloaded Firebird and it doesn't have the problem.  That's a shame as I really liked MyIE2's mouse gestures.

	If I figure out which bit of the CSS is broken I'll drop a note here.
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pmwiki at ThunderBunny.org wrote:

>   I've put in PmWiki on my personal web page (http://www.ThunderBunny.org/) and think it's fabulous.  Much easier 
>to install and customize than PhpWiki and the markup is easier too.
>   I've implemented the CSSLayout from the CookBook (http://www.pmichaud.com/wiki/Cookbook/CSSLayout) and 

>works fine except for the edit.  The edit box initially shows up fine and then as soon as I type something the box width 
>expands to about 10 characters wider than the current window size.  I can resize the window but as soon as I start 
>typing the edit box expands again. Feel free to try it for yourself.  It happens to me at home and work.   
>   Here are the possibly relevant portions of my local.php.  I've played with default.css a little but don't see anything in 
>there for input boxes.
>$WikiTitle     = "Wiki.ThunderBunny.org";
>$WikiImgUrl    = "http://www.ThunderBunny.org/images/bunny_likes_chicken_sm.gif";
> $BodyWidth     = "700";
>$BodyLeft      = "20";
>   Any clues?

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