[Pmwiki-users] Windows install

dave.jackson dave.jackson
Tue Dec 9 08:31:56 CST 2003


I am trying to setup PmWiki on a Windows XP platform running under IIS.
All is Ok until I try the versioning.

I have a copy of diff & patch on the box, & have edited my local php to


##  $WikiTitle is the name that appears in the browser's title bar
$WikiTitle = "My Wiki";

##  $ScriptUrl is your preferred URL for accessing wiki pages
$ScriptUrl = 'http://myBox/pmwiki.php';

##  $WikiImgUrl is the URI image to appear in the page header
$WikiImgUrl = 'http://myBox/mylogo.jpg';

$SysDiffCmd = 'C:\\UnixUtils\\diff';
$SysPatchCmd = 'C:\\UnixUtils\\patch --silent';

error_reporting(E_ALL ^ E_NOTICE);
# This is the end of the local.php

There is no space at the end of the file (after ?>) and the really
annoying thing is I have got this working on my Box!  What have I forgot
to do?

BTW, I am making notes as I go, and will post them when I get it

David Jackson 

Ext: 8742
DDI: 01270 658742
Mobile:077177 26441 

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