[Pmwiki-users] Getting rid of pagename=... in the URL

Niall Durham niall_durham
Tue Dec 2 07:39:25 CST 2003


I don't know if this problem has been solved already, but I saw the
issue on the list so here's my $0.02.

On a CGI-based server, the way I recently got rid of the ?pagename=
variable for each page was to use a combination of mod_rewrite and
add a line to the local.php file (to allow the pmwiki.php/foo/bar URL

Here's the mod_rewrite chunk (it will go in your .htaccess file in
the same directory that PmWiki resides in):

RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule pmwiki.php(/[^?]+) /pmwiki.php?pathinfo=$1  [NE,QSA]

Here's the code I added to local.php to read the pathinfo variable
(copied from some code Pat did a while ago on another site w/ a
customized CGI-based PHP support):

if ($pagename == '') $pagename =

I suppose with some improvements, the regex for mod_rewrite could be
modified to reformat the foo/bar pagename into ?pagename=foo.bar and
skip the local.php modification.  I was happy it was working and left
it as is. :)



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