[Pmwiki-users] Issue with Authentication

John Mull jbmull
Mon Dec 1 19:39:05 CST 2003

I'm using pmwiki-0.5.25 at MrPerky.com.  I've set my default passwords with
the following code in local.php:


$DefaultPasswords['admin'] = 'reader'; 

$DefaultPasswords['edit'] = 'reader'; 

$DefaultPasswords['attr'] = 'reader'; 

$DefaultPasswords['upload'] = 'reader';


When I try to edit the Sandbox (at
http://mrperky.com/index.php/Main/WikiSandbox?action=edit ) I am prompted
for a username and password.  Leaving the username blank, no matter what I
enter for the password, after three attempts I get the "A valid password is
required to access this feature" page.  This happens for every page I try to
edit.  To my knowledge I have not set a group or page level password for the


What can I check or do to resolve this issue.  Hopefully it is not a cache
issue. Mozilla Firebird has the same issue.


John Mull

(aka MrPerky)

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