[Pmwiki-users] Weird upper/lower case in page names (was Re: Tack sa mycket for your reply...)

chr@home.se chr
Mon Dec 1 11:28:25 CST 2003

FYI: I'm sending this to the list as well

On Mon, 1 Dec 2003, BigDawgy wrote:

> God Kvall Christian,
>  I thank you for your reply. I have gone through ALL
> of the {{free link}} material on pmwiki and have not
> been able to solve this problem. I have also gone
> through the mailing list archives as well. You have
> asked me for an example...

I actually wondered if you could create an example and then send a link to 
the page that shows the misbehaviour :-)

>I will do my best and I
> appreciate your patience. I have noticed in PmWiki
> 5.25 that if I create a page with, for example, the
> group/title names--"PmWiki/Pmichaud"-- and save it, my
> page is of course--"PmWiki/Pmichaud"--no problem. Yet,
> if I leave a {{free link}} on this very same page with
> the variation of, for example,"PmwIki/PmiCHaud" and
> click on it, my page title is changed
> from--"PmWiki/Pmichaud"--to--"PmwIki/PmiCHaud"--it
> does not give the normal--"PmwIki/PmiCHaud ?"--giving
> me the option to create a new page.

Are you by any chance running on Windows? That (so called) file system 
doesn't usually differentiate between lower/upper case, and maybe that 
could make a difference here?

> The original
> page--"PmWiki/Pmichaud"--is the one catalogued but the
> title change remains when the {{free links}} are
> followed. This works for any variation of upper and
> lower case letters, except, of course, when the first
> letters are lowercase. The problem is that the {{free
> links}} being left on the page with variations in
> upper and lowercase letters are changing the case of
> the page titles.
If your only practical problem is the formatting of the title, that should 
be fixable with some PHP-code, but it'll probably require a separate mail 
to the list... I can't program in PHP (yet).

> How can I set PmWiki to treat
> "PmWiki/Pmichaud"--and--"PmwIki/PmiCHaud"--as separate
> pages. I know the problem is on my end, yet PmWiki
> 5.25 out of the box without any configuration from me
> does this. 

I'm guessing it has something to do with your filesystem...?

> Another example, take a new pmwiki download. Set it up
> to run bare minimum-- no special configuration. Now,
> make a page. The $Group= Sweden...$Title_
> =Midsummer...so you now have...Sweden/Midsummer. On
> this same page edit it to create a {{free link}} to
> itself. Name it {{MidSummer}} with a capital S in
> summer. Click the link. Your old page Sweden/Midsummer
> is now Sweden/MidSummer. Why? What am I missing.
> Tack sa mycket,
> Larry

vars?god	(you're welcome)

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