[Pmwiki-users] Automatic page table of contents with [[toc]]

Christian Ridderström chr
Mon Dec 1 10:36:05 CST 2003


Do you have a page demonstrating the different tocs somewhere?
(It's easier for me to look at an example, and see how it should 
work before I try it on my site).

And maybe we should use a wiki page discussing the usage/syntax? 
(I don't mean anything more than simply pasting what's in these 
e-mails :-)

Anyway, I'll start to look at the attachments you sent in the other mail.


On 1 Dec 2003, John Rankin wrote:

> Christian, I'll send you some files in the next day or so.
> This has moved on a little in the last week:
> - [[toc]] does a regular numbered contents list in the main body
> - [[toc#]] [[toc*]] and [[toc:]] do small tocs, floated right
> - works with ! Q: and T: markup
> - doesn't do indented tocs, unlike the MoinMoin example below,
> but yes, it probably should...
> - checks for manual anchors first, then looks for # automatic ones
> - doesn't do automatic contents generation from all ! markup
> Maybe the markup should be
> [[TableOfContents]] for the full inline version and
> [[toc]] for a mini version??
> JR

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