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John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Tue Apr 29 23:26:21 CDT 2003

Some observations:
1. I like the suggestion of a simple seach and an advanced search. I =
propose a simple search box on each page and a separate AdvancedSearch =

2. I'd rather not have to remember advanced search syntax. Many web sites =
with this feature provide a form, such as Google's Advanced Search page =
that Louis Katz mentions.

3. I am lazy -- I consciously proposed 'group:search term' and not 'group:=
name search term'. If being able to search for intermap references is =
important, I'd suggest 'group: search term'.

4. The wikipedia search results page knows the available namespaces (=
groups) and you can check the ones you'd like to search. I don't suppose...=

5. All the other search options proposed sound really good -- I wonder how =
often people would use them in practice.

6. My priorities would be: for a simple search the ability to restrict it =
to a single group. For an advanced search, the most useful would be the fir=
st 2 google advanced options: all the words or an exact phrase.

7. I assume that a simple search for apple will continue to find =
references to grapple, apples and crapplet.

8. One benefit of separating simple and advanced searching is that there =
is a hint an advanced search might take longer.

9. If there is an advanced page, searching on revision date could leverage =
off AllRecentPages.

10. I would find it helpful to look at an AdvancedSearch page mockup, if =
possible. I would aim to have no more than 7 fields. My candidates would =
be (following google):
- with all the words
- with the exact phrase
- with at least one of the words
- without the words
- return pages revised in the last anytime/10/30/60/90 days
- return results where words occur anywhere/in page name/in body
- only/don't return results from group

I see this as a nice to have.
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On Wednesday, 30 April 2003 12:20 PM, Patrick R. Michaud <pmichaud at pobox.=
com> wrote:
On Tue, 29 Apr 2003, Jonathan Scott Duff wrote:

> So ... what if I want to find occurences of "pineapple", "grapples",
> and "applet" when searching for "apple"?  Could you make it so that
> search for "apple" (with the quotes) forces word boundaries but apple
> (sans quotes) does not?

Welllll, that doesn't fit with any standard I'm aware of, and I'll
probably want to reserve the quotes to indicate phrase searches (as
most searches already do).  My best suggestion would be to use asterisks
for stemming, so that

   apple	finds "apple" but not "pineapple" or "applet"
   appl*        finds "apple", "apples", "applet", and "application"=20
                but not "pineapple" or "pineapples"
   *apple       finds "apple", "crabapple", "pineapple", and "grapple"=20
                but not "applet" or "apples".

All searches would continue to be case insensitive (as they are now).


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