[Pmwiki-users] enhanced search?

Dawn Green green at thunderdata.com
Tue Apr 29 23:23:02 CDT 2003

> Welllll, that doesn't fit with any standard I'm aware of, and I'll
> probably want to reserve the quotes to indicate phrase searches (as
> most searches already do).  My best suggestion would be to use asterisks
> for stemming, so that

Do you ever fear that PmWiki is indeed attempting to encompass "full
file-management capabilities"?  How much should these "extras" rely upon
PmWiki and how much of this should be dependent upon the admin?  Honestly, I
feel that you have created a great tool and that we are pushing it to ask for
more!  Or maybe you are being driven by the abilities of the software?  I
would imagine that it is immensely satisfying but it also must be very time

Now, having said that :), and hoping that you are "driven by the abilites",
I'll mention another teensy direction you might like to investigate.  It seems
a natural progression to go from PmWiki to a system where authors can create
HTML email using the same type of PmWiki markup which might integrate with a
MLM.  Doesn't it?  :)  Boy, if it did, I sure could find some uses for it!

Of course, I would never even think to ask for more!!


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