[Pmwiki-users] Minor change suggestion: backtick

John Rankin john.rankin at affinity.co.nz
Wed Apr 23 16:37:17 CDT 2003

There are some cases where WikiWords bump into other markup:
  accidentals like CEOs

Why not let an author use a backtick as an escape character, so one could =

This would be inline replaced, ie after WikiWord parsing but before other =
inline replacement parsing.

None of these is exactly a major problem:
  =C6sop isn't around to complain
  [=3DCEOs=3D] does the job in a more intrusive way

It's also a one line change to look for `[A-Z] and remove the `. The only =
side effect I can think of is what would happen to ThisPage:#TopOfPage for =

John Rankin
(who perhaps needs to get out more)

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